The best place to create your photo album online

Mysocialbook take care of their customers ' satisfaction with unbiased opinions (which you can easily find on the internet), we have built a simple website so that anyone can write their photo album online, at their own speed and above all ... There's no headlock! Keep all your loveliest memories with mysocialbook! This might not be any better. Order a personalized online picture album by adding images, notes, and captions to it. You'll be able to select the style, colors and graphics that suit you in a customized way. No need to download the app, just let the clear and easy instructions and voila direct you!

How do I make a book?

It had never been easier to build your records. You need to have an internet-connected computer, as well as digital images in your book. Use a single PDF, WORD, or PowerPoint file to download them one by one. That's it! If you select a predesigned model, the minimum delay is a few minutes. Notice that a smartphone can still not be used. If your images are there, you need to transfer them to your phone, or via SD card.

Can I phone in with a professional technician?

You gain from a guarantee that is 100 per cent fulfilled. In most cases a especially attentive service will happily delight customers. However, in the event of a problem during printing or transport the exchange is necessary. In the event of a mistake we replicate free of charge and do our utmost to address any difficulties. At the bottom of the screen, you'll find a messaging service to communicate directly by email or a free telephone number with a responsive team (maximum 2 hours). Calls can be made from 9 a.m., Monday to Friday. By 6 P.M.

Even if I lack the time or the technical skills?

The web designers had been talking about it.You don't have to make your picture book custom. If you select the options by default, the result is flawless. For a last-minute gift, let the picture calendar inspire you to deliver at year-end. The products are produced in France on new generation printers which are highly efficient both in terms of execution speed and efficiency. You also get the advantage of fast delivery. You are to be shipped to France in a few days. Allow the deliveries abroad a little longer. We don't risk something; a team that tests the stages from the concept to the dispatch follows the instructions. When there is a particular query you will be contacted.

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