Luxury is our life

"Who says money does not make you happy, do not know how to go shopping". And yes, this sentence points out in a few points everything that has a fashionable relationship is of paramount importance in our lives and that having luxurious accessories in our drawers would be favorable. Notice to fashionistas. But what does luxury mean in fashion?


Beforehand, the ideal would be to have separate clothes for all events: Sunday clothes, sports, evening, when staying at home, for any activities, for work. Then it would be necessary for these clothes to come out of the shopping centers or stores, that is to say, textile clothes, all fresh and well packaged, that no one else before oneself has yet worn, like the case of second-hand clothes. Outfits that have been made from high quality fabrics and have been sealed by the biggest brands.


It is quite luxurious to have a collection of ornaments that can adorn every member of our body. These ornaments concern, first of all, jewelry with real materials and great values, carved by great goldsmiths and sold in the best jewelers. But, they can also be jewels of fantasies of luxury and big mark with scintillating motives, with the authentic aspect and able to dazzle the outfit.


In this section, it would be essential to have a set of blushes for the entire face and a range of lotion for the skin of the body. Moreover, it would be luxurious to have on hand, perfumes imposed by the big brands. In some ways buying products in department stores, at least one could be sure that the substances that these products contain are real, pure and without counterfeits. In the same way, these products prove to be effective and remarkable.


To be more chic, it would also be convenient to have pairs of shoes for each circumstance. And still they should have a solid consistency and made from true and pure materials. The ideal would be that they belong to a line of big brands and freshly comes out of the box. Even more ideal would be that these shoes are manufactured in one of the capitals of fashion.