Each hotel suite has its own outdoor Jacuzzi

For weekends with your partner or vacations of a few days, make your reservation at a prestigious hotel in order to spend pleasant and unforgettable moments with your loved one. A 5-star hotel that offers you all the best services and puts at your disposal the modern infrastructures of accommodation, leisure and well-being. You will get the most of well-being in a luxurious place with a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Whatever the date of your arrival and departure, you are sure to have a better stay.

Each hotel suite has its own private outdoor Jacuzzi.

During your stay at the hotel, you benefit from all the best services that exist. It is installed with great comfort in a chamber consisting of a 2 * 2m bed, a Wi-Fi connection, a television, a safe. Its bathroom is equipped with a double sink, a wide shower area with a bathtub, a hair dryer, a large mirror and various high-quality cosmetic products. The best thing is that each suite has its own outdoor Jacuzzi. What is better than being able to take advantage of the well-being in your corner while contemplating the magnificent view of the landscape around the hotel, well placed inside a Jacuzzi. Well-being is maximum and your satisfaction is assured.

The hotel offers you all its best services for a quality lodging.

To live a quality residence, the hotel offers all its best services. It offers private outdoor jacuzzi services such as the hydromassage bathtub with jets and relaxation systems in each suite, the comfortable and well-equipped private room with private bathroom, the safe, etc. It also offers collective services such as various organized activities, activities for children, animations for everyone, etc. Besides, other services are such as the transfer, half board, ...

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